Why us

13 Years Of Experience


Klinika Bocian is one of the leading centres providing infertility treatment in Poland. For over 13 years, we have been successfully helping infertile couples.

Thanks to our skills in making proper diagnosis of infertility and providing effective treatment, thousands of couples have become happy parents. Klinika Bocian originates in Białystok, the cradle of IVF in Poland, and at present, our centres also energetically operate in Warsaw and Katowice.


2006 year of establishment


4 clinics in Poland


23400 patients annually


916 successful IVF treatments in 2017


2294 IVF cycles conducted in 2017

Team of Specialists


Our doctors and embryologists are fully engaged specialists who make use of their international experience and comprehensive knowledge in the field of infertility in their daily contact with patients.

The specialists of Klinika Bocian also conduct research whose results have been published in renowned journals around the world.


17 theses published


2 specialists with a habilitation degree


14 specialists with a doctorate degree


3 embryologists certified by ESHRE

Success rate backed by statistics

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The high success rate in treating infertility in our clinic are shown in statistics.

For several years, the results of our work have been reported regularly to the European IVF-monitoring (EIM) Consortium directed by ESHRE. In Poland, the Section of Fertility and Infertility of the Polish Gynecological Society.

Success in IVF/ICSI at Klinika Bocian


More statistics

Modern solutions

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We offer our patients comprehensive diagnostics and treatment by applying the most advanced medical reproduction technology including in vitro fertilisation.

We possess the same modern medical equipment that is used in recognised clinics around the world.

Reliable and individual approach

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At Klinika Bocian, we do not offer packages of tests, because each patient is unique and has their own individual needs. We recommend performing essential medical analysis while ensuring that patients do not bear any unnecessary costs.

Our doctors clearly explain the treatment process, suggest appropriate tests, surgery and procedures to increase the chance for success.