Oocyte activation

How does Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection work?

The ICSI method allows us to inject sperm directly into the egg cytoplasm. It is performed with the help of a microscope equipped with multiple enlargement glass. After the fertilization of the egg cells occurs, the embryologist observes the embryos development which will be later transferred into the uterus. The complete lack of sperm in the ejaculate or its extremely low count may require a biopsy of testicular tissue. It is a procedure called testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) and be carried out under general anaesthetic.

How long does IVF take?

The process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is comprised of three main phases:

  • hormonal stimulation of the ovaries according to the established protocol
  • egg collection and fertilization
  • and embryos transfer
While the IVF timeline description may seem relatively simple in practice, a full IVF cycle takes from four to six weeks. In order to maximize the chance of the treatment’s success and to ensure as safe future pregnancy as possible, an extra attention should be paid to entire diagnostics of your and your partner’s reproductive health (including endocrine check-up and infectious disease testing). Those additional procedures may insignificantly change the length of the treatment.

How many times would I need to visit your clinic?

Working with foreign patients we are aware that most of them are unable to spend an extended amount of time overseas and they usually try to reduce the number of visits without affecting IVF success. For that reason the first step before starting treatment with us is an online medical consultation with one of our specialists at which your medical history will be reviewed and the best treatment option will be considered. The entire process, starting with the initial consultation up until the embryo transfer at our clinic will require 4-5 visits.

The total cost of the IVF ICSI treatment at Klinika Bocian ranges from 2400 € to 2800 €

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