IVF in Poland. What to expect?

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UK couples go to Poland for IVF

More and more couples from UK go to Poland for IVF treatment. What are the premises for that and why Poland may be a country of choice for this type of treatment?



Endometriosis is a condition, which occurs when the endometrium (from the uterine lining) forms and grows in different locations in the pelvis. It is estimated that around 5 to 10% of women...

Oocyte activate

Oocyte activation

Assisted oocyte activation is an additional procedure performed in order to increase IVF ICSI success rate. After injecting oocyte with a selected sperm, it is placed in the special medium containing calcium ionophore.

PCOS as infertility cause

PCOS as infertility cause

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome abbreviated as PCOS, is, generally speaking, a hormonal disorder. It’s characterized by an increase in production of male hormones in women...

First symptoms of pregnancy

First symptoms of pregnancy

The first days of a new, growing life are mysterious. A fertilized egg cell needs approximately 7 days to pass through the fallopian tube and implant in the endometrium.